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We are pleased to announce that our engineering team was working on new exciting features after getting valuable feedback from our users.   

Cashback payout threshold 

We have reduced the cashback payout threshold from $20 to $15. Once you have a balance of a minimum of $15 as 'Payable' cashback, you can initiate the payment request then we will transfer to any bank in New Zealand and PayPal account.

Save your favourite retailer

To save you the hassle of searching your retailer, why not add to your favourite list.  

Add to Favourite: visit the retailer page which you want to add to your favourite list, click  heart icon next to Add to Favourite 

Remove Favourite: visit the retailer page which you want to remove from your favourite list, click heart icon next to Remove Favourite 

You can manage your favourite retailers by going to the Settings tab on your Kiwiwallet account page. 

Refer a friend 

Now you can refer a friend via email invitation or share your unique invitation link. You can find your unique invite link in the Refer-a-friend tab on your Kiwiwallet account.   

 Visit our refer a friend page to learn more.


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